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Wake Up and Embrace the Wireless Web

Photo Courtesy of Dan Taylor

Lately, there has been much maneuvering among large corporations to innovate in the cloud space or to acquire forward-looking organizations who are already there.  Mobile-friendly, cloud-based initiatives are virtually everywhere, and at some point, web sites are going the way of print books.  In their place, a series of specialty apps designed to deliver information – data.  Yes, a website is still an essential part of your web presence, but only a part, and perhaps a decreasingly important one.  Consider whats happening today in the wireless innovation space and then decide if you should spend less time mulling over pixel spaces on your home page and more time ensuring your content is available where (and how) your customers are looking for it!

  1. Intel recently purchased Infineon Technologies to move beyond the PC space.  The Infineon purchase positions Intel as a major player in the wireless connectivity mobile chip industry, supplying these chips to laptops, tablets, smart phones, and similar devices.
  2. FCC Adjusts rules (supported by Google and Microsoft) to allow usage of empty TV spectrum for testing mobile devices.
  3. Samsung seeks to bring Apps to your TV.  So, when you aren’t reading Wired through the app on your iPad, will you be able to fire up the Wired App. on your Samsung TV to read it there, too?
  4. Clearwire announced its affordable 4G pay-as-you-go broadband service.  Clearwire projects that by year-end it will have built out a WiMAX network that spans all major U.S. markets.  With Apps. increasing with the number of devices using them and developers developing them, content that’s not accessible through them may become ‘lost’ to those who prefer the one touch access instead of typing http://www . . . .
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