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Could Your Profession be Crowdsourced?

In 2009, Clay Shirkey talks about the ideas in his new book, Here Comes Everybody.  This short interview is a fascinating take on how initiatives like Wikipedia and Open Source software have proved highly successful crowdsourced projects controlled neither by big business nor the government.  Furthermore, volunteers maintain them– folks who give of their time for free and have created an enormous amount of value.  Clay makes the point that Scribe used to be a profession.  We paid scribes to read and write for us, but now everyone reads and writes, so we no longer need scribes.  With wireless broadband increasing and barriers to access decreasing, there is great opportunity for receivers of services to get more for less (or no) money.  However, if what Clay says is true about the future being shaped by mass amateurization, which professions that we pay for today will be crowdsourced initiatives in the future?

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