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Micro Volunteering in the Cloud: Meet the Extraordinaries

Calling all web designers, code junkies, social media marketing gurus, and translators.  Quit obsessing on FaceBook and take some time to help out a worthy non-profit or two.  Don’t worry, you don’t even need to leave your desk or your smartphone (Yes, there’s an iPhone app. for it).  Thanks to the Extraordinaries, you can provide small (but much-needed) advice, information, graphics, translations, or research to participating non-profit organizations.  An hour or so per week could really help some of the very cool participating non-profit organizations.  Plus, you’ll feel good about doing good.

Here’s how The Extraordinaries Process Works

1.  Create a free account, tagging your areas of expertise

2.  Log-in

3.  Find a ‘Challenge’ by area of expertise

4.  Submit your effort to the Extraordinaries website

5.  Feel great

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