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Fun with QR Codes

If you don’t yet know what QR codes are, get up to speed fast!  I recommend that you watch the videos — they are short, professionally done, and very informative.  Ok, now that you know how cool they are, here are some really cool things you can do with them.

Google’s QR Code generator rocks!


goog.le is Google’s URL shortener – install the Google Chrome URL shortener

In the Chrome browser, navigate to a web page with a really long URL(for effect)

Click on the URL Shortener extension — copy/paste the shortened URL into another browser tab and test it for yourself

Now for the really cool part – Append  a .qr to the end of your shortened URL and click on the ‘return’ key – Google dynamically generates a QR code for your URL.

So, I encoded a google search result set containing my twitter posts on QR codes that were indexed by Google ‘twitter: @cobalt_grrl QR codes’

Google’s QR Code Gadget Allows you to Share Data via QR code!

If you already have a google account, you can access Google Docs, create a spreadsheet, search for and add this gadget and share your data via QR code!

iPhone QR Reader Apps evaluated and rated eleven iPhone apps. that read QR codes.  Depending on what you are trying to do with QR codes, your ‘mileage’ may vary with these apps.  One of the easiest and most reliable applications is to encode a URL into the code, which opens the URL in a web browser when scanned.

Anatomy of a QR Code has a really nice graphic explaining the different parts that make up a QR code.

There are many, many more resources, ideas, and applications out there.  As the mobile market continues to grow, there will undoubtedly be even more creative ideas. Will QR codes and URL shorteners make Domain names unimportant?

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