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Important New YouTube Features!


Although still in Beta, YouTube has added an annotation feature
which allows video creators to add text annotations to videos to make
them more interactive or to add background information.

This is especially helpful for how-to videos (add a link to a .pdf document?, subject guide, blog, etc?)

Read about it on the YouTube website.


YouTube is offering a special program for non-profits to connect to
supporters and donors for free.  Here are some of the benefits to the

  • View YouTube Non-Profit Tips
  • Organizations apply using an existing account

-> The USF Libraries may consider this approach for ARL projects like Karst

YouTube HD
is making some videos available for viewing in high quality and has
increased the file size limit from 100 MB to 1 GB, according to the
YouTube blog.  This is another feature that is still in beta, and
YouTube plans to increase the number of videos that users can view in
high quality.

Read about how to take advantage of the high quality feature

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