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Location-Based Web Tools Enhance Mobile Device Experience

Connecting to the internet on a small screen mobile device is only fun when you can interact with useful information without extensive typing or squinting.  Things get even better when web tools provide useful ways to interact with a place using a mobile device’s camera and GPS.   There are dozens of location-sharing tools out there, but I recently explored some interesting ones you might not have heard about yet.

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iPad in Action on Thanksgiving

iPad + Internet = Happy Thanksgiving!

How to Add a Facebook ‘Like’ Button to Your Blog

Facebook Like Button

Image Courtesy of FindYourSearch

Facebook ‘Like’ buttons are not just for Facebook!  Whats more,  Facebook Like buttons on your blog let you tap into Facebook’s 500 million active users (50% of which log in daily) even if you don’t have a Facebook account!  GetSocial Live! has created a nifty free online tool that generates a custom Facebook Like button that you can easily embed into your blog post.  Because doesn’t allow third-party JavaScript code, the traditional Facebook Like widgets aren’t an option.  UPDATE: actually does have a Facebook Like Button option under Settings->Sharing, but it’s all or nothing.  The GetSocial Live! button provides more flexibility with placement, too, and can even be embedded in Text Boxes so readers can Like your Blog, not just your posts.

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TEDxOrlando: In-Person Big Idea Social Network

The stage is set at TEDxOrlando

Big ideas definitely rocked the Orlando Science Center on Saturday, Nov. 13th as TEDxOrlando took over the Darden Theatre. An extremely eclectic mix of attendees and presenters sparked tremendous discussions among artists, physicists, historians, entrepreneurs, students, technologists, writers, activists, business people and more.   Dr. Hakeem M. Oluseyi spoke passionately about physics and the Big Bang Theory with an energy and enthusiasm not commonly characteristic of a physicist. Rachel Simmons, an artist whose projects take her around the globe, shared how her incredible work is shedding light on some of Earth’s most daunting environmental issues. Rob Martino played a superb Chapman stick, an instrument that looks like a fat guitar neck and is played like a piano but held like a stick – very unusual but quite beautiful.  Dr. Julian Chambliss, a historian, professor and cultural explorer, shared insights into comic book heros and how they mirror society. The other presenters were equally intense. In true TED-fashion, attendees and presenters mingled during breaks with people they’d be unlikely to meet anywhere else.  So, as much fun as online social networking is, there is nothing like meeting and expanding your physical social network in person at a great TEDx conference.  Find a TEDx conference near you and apply to attend (or present)!

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The Future of Journalism Is?

Lisa Stone of BlogHer

On November 5, 2010, the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fl asked those attending Social Media Day to tweet the ending to “The future of journalism is . . . ”

When I first walked into the event, I felt unqualified to answer such an important question.  Surely, the experts presenting that day were better equipped to answer that question than I.  With experts from some of the most interesting, successful, insightful, and innovative social media organizations in the U.S., what could I possibly add to this question that they haven’t already noted?  I was both in awe of and amazed by the genius of Matt Thompson of NPR, Lisa Stone of BlogHer, Charlene Li of Altimeter GroupMónica Guzmán Preston of Intersect (you MUST check out Intersect!), Vadim Lavrusik of Mashable, and several others!

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