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How Mobile Technology is Changing the World


Photo courtesy of re-ality

Did you know that 45% of the world’s population is concentrated in just five countries and the most prevalent use of the internet is not through personal computers but through mobile devices?  According to NetworkWorld, Brazil, Russia, China, India, and Indonesia are home to 610 million Internet users.  Furthermore, internet usage in these countries is predicted to double to 1.2 billion by 2015.  Mobile phones in Africa represent more than 90% of all phone lines and the mobile penetration rate is around 50%.  With these statistics in mind, consider the technology innovations that are or will be supporting this rapidly growing population of global mobile internet users.

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The Future of Journalism Is?

Lisa Stone of BlogHer

On November 5, 2010, the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fl asked those attending Social Media Day to tweet the ending to “The future of journalism is . . . ”

When I first walked into the event, I felt unqualified to answer such an important question.  Surely, the experts presenting that day were better equipped to answer that question than I.  With experts from some of the most interesting, successful, insightful, and innovative social media organizations in the U.S., what could I possibly add to this question that they haven’t already noted?  I was both in awe of and amazed by the genius of Matt Thompson of NPR, Lisa Stone of BlogHer, Charlene Li of Altimeter GroupMónica Guzmán Preston of Intersect (you MUST check out Intersect!), Vadim Lavrusik of Mashable, and several others!

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Impossible Music Possible Via Internet and Cell Technologies

Austin Dacey is many things, a philosopher, musician, human rights activist, and writer.  Nowhere does his online bio. describe him as a technologist, but he is successfully leveraging powerful technologies to connect suppressed musicians from around the globe with U.S. musicians willing to perform their music.  What’s even better, Austin uses Skype to allow the suppressed musicians to listen to performances in real-time.

The Wall Street Journal highlighted Austin and Impossible Music and described a concert where the global song writers ‘jammed’ live via Skype along with the band performing their music.  After the performances, musicians converse with the U.S. performers and the audience.

Austin is working with a jailed Cameroonian musician who can still be reached via cell phone.  Austin would like to have him sing along with the live performance by mobile phone. The real importance of this article isn’t the technology Austin uses, its that he is using technology as a tool to connect humanity, and that makes all the difference!

Internet Technology Summit 2010 – Orlando


The 2010 Internet Technology Summit promises to enlighten internet technology professionals. The two-day conference features web strategists, technologists, and others who are leaders in cloud computing and mobile device development. Mark June 22 – 23rd on your calendar!

I’m personally looking forward to hearing from Mary Spio, co-founder of Vidaroo, but definitely want to share some great ideas with the other presenters representing SEO, mobile, marketing, and social networking segments of the Internet Technology diaspora.

Visit the Internet Technology Summit website to register.

Barnes & Noble to Sell E-Books

Barnes & Noble is finally getting into the e-book business. Between it’s purchase of the FictionWise e-book seller and its partnership with Plastic Logic, maker of a yet-to-be released e-book reader, Barnes & Noble plans to sell e-books in a big way. According to the Wall Street Journal, BN plans to sell 700,000 titles (500,00 of which are public domain books from Google). In comparison, currently sells 300,000 electronic titles. As expected, the BN e-book format will not work on a Kindle or a Sony e-book reader, but will be compatible with the iPhone/iPod Touch and other mobile devices.
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