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A Global Perspective on WikiLeaks

Regardless of what you believe about WikiLeaks, if you’re living in the U.S., chances are you’ve developed your opinion based on what WikiLeaks means for the U.S.  I’m not trying to change your opinion but I’d like to expand your perspective.  Everyone around the globe is talking about WikiLeaks, whether or not Twitter acknowledges it.  So, while we’re busy wondering and tweeting about what WikiLeaks means for our national security and  international reputation, others around the world are blogging about what they now know about America (thanks to WikiLeaks) and what it means for their countries.

Lisboa, 11/12/2010

Photo courtesy of wikileakspt

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How to Add a Facebook ‘Like’ Button to Your Blog

Facebook Like Button

Image Courtesy of FindYourSearch

Facebook ‘Like’ buttons are not just for Facebook!  Whats more,  Facebook Like buttons on your blog let you tap into Facebook’s 500 million active users (50% of which log in daily) even if you don’t have a Facebook account!  GetSocial Live! has created a nifty free online tool that generates a custom Facebook Like button that you can easily embed into your blog post.  Because doesn’t allow third-party JavaScript code, the traditional Facebook Like widgets aren’t an option.  UPDATE: actually does have a Facebook Like Button option under Settings->Sharing, but it’s all or nothing.  The GetSocial Live! button provides more flexibility with placement, too, and can even be embedded in Text Boxes so readers can Like your Blog, not just your posts.

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Challenge: Build a Custom Web Presence for $50 or Less

Does your organization, event, or department need a website? Does your organization lack sophisticated web design and development skills to create a custom site?  Does your department lack a budget for creating a site?  Here’s a strategy for using really powerful tools to get a custom website up quickly (and for next to nothing).  The average college student should be able to use the following tools to create a clean, powerful, full-featured website in a day or so.

1. – Free blog hosting website with built-in RSS, search, and text widgets.  Allows users with little or no web design/development experience to create pages and posts.  Many free templates allow users to customize headers, categories, tags, etc. and some incorporate social networking site posts (check out Vault 9 and Vigilance).  For $15/year, you can customize the CSS code in your WordPress theme (requires knowledge of CSS). If you purchase a custom domain name, you can point it to your WordPress blog using the Extras.

2.  Pixlr – A free, online tool that you can use to create a custom header for your site.  Just determine the required dimensions in your WordPress theme.  Pixlr is like a stripped-down version of PhotoShop, and supports layers and has many of the standard tools you would expect.


3. YouTube – Leverage YouTube by creating a free account.  YouTube gets around 91 Million U.S. viewers monthly!

4.  Twitter – Twitter is a free website that allows users to share short messages.  Twitter is viewed by over 24 Million U.S. visitors monthly.  Get a free Twitter account, use free, online tools to create a similarly branded theme as your WordPress blog, follow ONLY organizations and professionals who publish helpful, relevant information, and post ONLY ‘tweets’ that provide useful and relevant information. Tip:  Tweet links to helpful blog posts.

5. Google Docs – Create a free Google Docs. account (You will need to create a Google account if you do not already have one).  You can upload and publish any type of file.  Publishing allows you to share the published URL with the world.  Even better,  you can create forms very quickly, publish them and link directly to them. Use your imagination — create feedback forms, surveys, or registration forms, and you can even set it to e-mail you whenever someone submits your form!

6.  Delicious – Online bookmarking on steroids – Create a free delicious account and keep track of all of the useful links you might want to share with others.  Because its managed completely online, you can access your bookmarks from anywhere, group them, search them, share them, etc.  For power users, add the FireFox extension to add a website to your delicious with a single click.

Written by Gina Clifford 2/16/2010

Post to Twitter via your blog with twitterfeed is a simple online application that creates updates to your twitter account using your blog entries.  So, if you don’t have time to author a blog and update your twitter account, consider using twitterfeed to post your blog entries directly to your twitter!  It’s fairly easy because twitterfeed uses your blog’s existing RSS feed!

First, you must have a twitter account.  Next, you have to get an OpenID (if you don’t already have one) because that is the login mechanism used by twitterfeed.  Finally, log into twitterfeed with your OpenID.  NOTE: You will need to provide your twitter username and password so that twitterfeed can connect to your account.  Paste the URL for your RSS feed into the appropriate twitterfeed form field and submit.

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