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TEDxOrlando: In-Person Big Idea Social Network

The stage is set at TEDxOrlando

Big ideas definitely rocked the Orlando Science Center on Saturday, Nov. 13th as TEDxOrlando took over the Darden Theatre. An extremely eclectic mix of attendees and presenters sparked tremendous discussions among artists, physicists, historians, entrepreneurs, students, technologists, writers, activists, business people and more.   Dr. Hakeem M. Oluseyi spoke passionately about physics and the Big Bang Theory with an energy and enthusiasm not commonly characteristic of a physicist. Rachel Simmons, an artist whose projects take her around the globe, shared how her incredible work is shedding light on some of Earth’s most daunting environmental issues. Rob Martino played a superb Chapman stick, an instrument that looks like a fat guitar neck and is played like a piano but held like a stick – very unusual but quite beautiful.  Dr. Julian Chambliss, a historian, professor and cultural explorer, shared insights into comic book heros and how they mirror society. The other presenters were equally intense. In true TED-fashion, attendees and presenters mingled during breaks with people they’d be unlikely to meet anywhere else.  So, as much fun as online social networking is, there is nothing like meeting and expanding your physical social network in person at a great TEDx conference.  Find a TEDx conference near you and apply to attend (or present)!

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