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The Future of Journalism Is?

Lisa Stone of BlogHer

On November 5, 2010, the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fl asked those attending Social Media Day to tweet the ending to “The future of journalism is . . . ”

When I first walked into the event, I felt unqualified to answer such an important question.  Surely, the experts presenting that day were better equipped to answer that question than I.  With experts from some of the most interesting, successful, insightful, and innovative social media organizations in the U.S., what could I possibly add to this question that they haven’t already noted?  I was both in awe of and amazed by the genius of Matt Thompson of NPR, Lisa Stone of BlogHer, Charlene Li of Altimeter GroupMónica Guzmán Preston of Intersect (you MUST check out Intersect!), Vadim Lavrusik of Mashable, and several others!

Additionally, the Poynter Institute Faculty and staff flawlessly executed this event.  Everyone involved with producing this event, including those who invited and engaged the presenters and coordinated audience interaction, the tech team that managed the live stream and Skype support, and those responsible for such a delicious lunch should be commended.  I’ve paid six to ten times as much to attend technology/social media events over the years, and this was by far the best!  The Poynter Institute plainly demonstrated that it has an amazing grasp on the future of journalism, so what could I possibly add?

The Twitter stream that ran during the event between slide presentations held some great thoughts on this question, too.

CateTV CateTV The future of journalism is?” Present, Continually Collaborative and continues to be HUMAN ! 🙂 #p35@Poynter

steelcorpfilms Indy McDaniel
Thefutureofjournalismis…”in the future. Obviously.  What did you expect? Santa Claus Rock on #p3

rsingel Ryan Singal
quality fighting the appetite for and economics of crap.

jamierussell Jamie Russell
Thefutureofjournalismis not behind a paywall, so stop looking there #p35

The future of  journalism is . . . in good hands with the folks hosting, presenting, and attending Social Media Day at the Poynter Institute.  However, I’ve gained a bit of insight after the event.  The most important idea that I came away with was that the future of journalism is . . . me.  Not just me, of course, but  with everyone who engages with news, information, and those who care about what’s going on in the community, country, or world.  Journalism is independent of a specific delivery system.  The future of journalism lies with people.  Creative thinkers who adapt as things change, deep thinkers who comprehend patterns, entrepreneurs who find new ways to deliver content and produce novel revenue models, individuals who care deeply about democracy and ethics, intelligent and energetic people who craft stories with a human perspective, and those who understand the power of the crowd.  Not all of these folks are journalists.  However, journalists who are also creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, tech savvy and visionaries can sit atop this pyramid and create the model for the future.

If you think you can answer this question, simply tweet your thoughts and append the hashtag #p35

The future of journalism is . . . Intelligent. Ethical. Insightful  . . . regardless of the platform through which it is delivered. #p35


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