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Why Apple Will Gain University Support for its iPad

The iPad is going to be a great e-book device, no doubt about it.  Just watch the Steve Job’s keynote speech where he announces the new device, and you will see a very slick book reading app.  TBIResearch reports on some strategic reasons for Apple’s strong opportunity to dominate the university text book reader market.  Basically, the report notes that Apple has already forged strong relationships with universities.  However, the real reason why Apple may be poised to dominate the university e-text book reader market is because students find competing devices lacking important features that come standard on the new iPad.  Primarily, competing devices don’t offer multimedia support or real internet connectivity.  The iPad, for some, may even replace the need for a laptop. With a beautiful color multi-touch screen, complete access to e-mail and social networking apps, and  the sexiest e-book reader around, the iPad can easily become the de facto standard academic tool for all students. With a 10-hour battery life and weighing only 1.5 lbs, the iPad is going to shake up the academic e-book reader market! Goodbye pencils, pens, paper and books.

Written by Gina Clifford 2/23/10


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