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Top 10 Reasons Why Colleges Students Should Own an iPad

Are you a college student considering a new laptop but can’t afford more than a netbook?  Are you tired of slogging tons of books around all day while on campus?  Do you already own an iPod touch?  Are you really busy and don’t have time to deal with computer viruses, sort through file directories or permissions settings?  College students could really benefit from the new iPad and here are my top ten reasons:

  1. With the virtual keyboard, there’s no more annoying keyboard clicking to distract class mates and professors.
  2. With tons of iPhone apps. already compatible with the new device, (currently over 140,000), you can use your device to take class notes.  Awesome Note is great for this as it lets you create different folders for your content, so you could create a separate folder for each subject.
  3. A new iWorks version made specifically for the iPad provides complete spreadsheet, word proccessing and presentation capabilities.
  4. Using the Safari browser, you can get your assignments from Blackboard, search the library catalog for research materials, and e-mail your classmates.
  5. There are tons of cool educational apps available for the studious student.  If you’re a math, science, or engineering major, the Wolfram|Alpha app. will be your best friend.
  6. Ten hour battery life. You can sit through lecture after lecture without having to find a seat next to a power outlet.
  7. Several large educational material publishers are talking with Apple to include their content as e-books. Even better, e-book material may be enhanced with video and social networking tools, making e-books cooler than ever.
  8. It’s familiar design and interface means that current iPhone or iPod touch users feel right at home on this new device.
  9. Like Steve Jobs said in his Keynote, you can hold the internet in your hands and touch it with your fingers!
  10. It’s cool.  It’s beautiful.  It’s intuitive.  It’s cheaper than a laptop.

Posted by Gina Clifford


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