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What’s New with Google Docs?

Google is constantly adding useful features to its already very powerful online collaborative office suite.  In some cases, Google Docs might even be a viable alternative to a personal website. For example, you can create a document and publish it in html format, therefore creating content viewable by everyone on the internet.  The form tool within spreadsheets makes creating online polls, application or request forms simple — no html required.  You can even embed your form in a blog or web page.  I really like that you can organize related documents within a Google docs folder and then, using the advanced search, query by keyword within the folder.  If you need to backup your slide presentation, upload it to Google docs and even deliver the presentation right from within your Google docs account.  There are too many features stashed inside Google docs to list them all here, but check out how some students and educators are using Google Docs.

What else has Google Docs added to its feature list?   Read the Google Docs ‘Whats New‘ page.  Also, follow the Official Google Docs Blog for details on the new features.


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