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Getting Google Scholar Alerts

UPDATE:  Google Scholar recently added direct support for getting e-mail alerts through Google Scholar.  Simply click on the

It appears that Google Scholar is not yet part of the Google Alerts application.  However, you can create your own alert using two free, simple to use online tools.

First, perform an appropriate Google Scholar search for which you want updates and copy the URL from your Google Scholar search results page.  I chose the ‘Recent Articles’ link on the Google Scholar search results page for my search results URL.  Next, paste your copied Google Scholar search results link into the Page URL field on the Page2Rss website.

To set up an alert, click on the Email, SMS, IM link under ‘Get Notified’.  You will be forwarded to the website, which requires you to create a free account.  However, creating an account is a snap as long as you follow-up by verifying your account and then going into your account and clicking on the email icon under your ‘Sources’.
There are other features from both Page2feed and, so take some time and explore them, too.


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