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What’s on Your Virtual Bookshelf?

Recently, several colleagues were asking for a list of books that I read.  At first, I just named off some titles.  However, I quickly remembered all of the virtual bookshelves that I maintain in various places, which can be shared easily in blogs, e-mails, Facebook, etc. If you haven't added your physical books to a virtual shelf yet, consider trying one of these:


Create a free account to quickly add your books. To share your LibraryThing book list on your website or blog, click on the tools tab and create a custom widget. Here is the LibraryThing widget I created for my book list.

My Library at LibraryThing

Google Books

To create a Google Book List in Google Books, you must first create a Google account. After creating a free google account, head over to, sign in and add books using the Import tool (list of ISBN numbers).
View a Google Books (cover view) page


Create a free account to quickly build a virtual bookshelf using Shelfari. I really liked the 'import' feature that lets you use the rss feed link from your Google or LibraryThing account to import your collection quickly into Shelfari. Also, the Shelfari widgets look like a real book case.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

Share a book review on Shelfari, where this reader meets fellow readers.



If you have a FaceBook account, LivingSocial's Visual Bookshelf application nicely integrates into your Facebook page.


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