aHead in the CLOUD –

The Amazing Tinyurl has been around for awhile now, and I have used it fairly regularly over the past few years.  With the popularity of twitter, is now something I use almost daily!  Because twitter only allows 140-character posts, URLs in twitter messages must be short.  Tinyurl was ‘born’ for twitter as it reduces URLs to tiny fractions of their formers selves.  As useful as this feature is, the google-esque simplicity of tinyurl makes its other ‘cool’ features a snap to use.

  • Redirects. Although I haven’t used this feature yet, you can append a slash and a page name to your tinyurl to redirect to any page.
  • Hide URLs. Tinyurl is useful for masking long or third-party URLs.  Visitors simply see the tinyurl.
  • Embed Gadget. Tinyurl even provides embed code that you can use in your blog or website.  I embedded the tinyurl ‘gadget’ here:
Enter a long URL to make tiny:

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