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The Obama Campaign: Supreme Strategy

Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaign credits web technology strategy with it’s almost flawless campaign.  Even better, many of the tools leveraged in this unprecedented campaign are free, open source, web 2.0 products.  I found this statement in a article particularly descriptive of the strategy:

Hundreds of thousands of supporters have volunteered their information to the campaign by joining the network, many of their efforts were low-overhead strategies
that utilized free resources. Using open platforms like Facebook,
MySpace and YouTube, they honed how they communicated with young
voters, and redoubled their efforts. With online campaigning, Raseij
says, "you can see where you get traction, and then reinvest, based on

This campaign is inspiring in so many ways, but it is especially important because it wasn’t just about technology.  Barack Obama’s campaign put people at the center –all people.  He ran an inclusive campaign that took advantage of small donations from many ‘little guys’ and kept them informed regularly.  The result is amazing — incredible unity, support, passion, team work, funding and engagement.  I think this campaign is a model for organizing a project team or even running your organization!


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