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Google Chrome: Will it Change the Way We Think About Computing?

Google just debuted a new web browser!  Although currently only available for Windows, it is still an exciting product.  What is interesting is that it isn’t full of add-ons and extensions like FireFox, but is extremely stripped-down and clean. Google has narrowly focused Chrome to further enhance the applications it has been building for the last year or so (Google Docs.).  It appears that Google is focusing on web ‘applications’ with this browser  — web apps running in this browser appear as if they are running on your own OS!  Is Google quietly (or not so quietly) taking a giant stab at the Windows Operating System and MS Office at the same time?

Google has a simple page where you can download the new browser. If you are a Mac user, you can add your e-mail address to the notification list that will presumably add you to the list of Mac users notified when Chrome becomes available for OS X.

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