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Books that Inspire New Ideas

Several intriguing recent books address the web from different perspectives. Anyone interested in online collaboration, harnessing free online tools and identifying global synergies should check out these recent books:

(coming Sept. 2008)


Charles Leadbeater, a past speaker at the annual TED conference
and  a leading authority on innovation and creativity, describes the
collaborative web as sort of a yin-yang phenomenon, where there is at
once great hope for future collaboration and the possibility of total
anarchy. Charles offers the first three chapters of his book as a free download from his ‘We-Think’ website.

Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide: Business Thinking & Strategies Behind Successful Web 2.0 Implementations

Amy Shuen takes a non-technical approach to explaining web 2.0 and
how social networking can be harnessed to add value to any business.

Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything

Dan Tapscott inspires readers with examples of wildly successful mass collaboration projects.

Upcoming book: "Hot, Flat and Crowded" by Thomas L. Friedman

Author Thomas L. Friedman, who wrote the #1 bestseller, ‘The World
is Flat’, is releasing his new book, ‘Hot, Flat and Crowded’ in
September 2008.  Although the book sounds like it focuses mainly on
climate change and clean energy, it is sure to discuss the internet’s
role in shaping and delivering the messages!


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