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Resource Strategy Win/Win: Hire Students

Students are valuable to the workforce equation at the University, especially during budget reductions.  Students typically work for very little (if any) money and bring skills that are badly needed.  Federal Work/Study and student intern programs are two programs available to the University and cost departments little or nothing beyond providing a work space, a computer workstation and some oversight.
I was lucky enough to find two Federal Work Study students with their own laptops, so all I needed to provide was a space and some oversight.

One student was a Web Design Assistant and the other was a Data Coordinator and they both contributed an enormous amount in their twenty hours per week.  They offered fresh perspectives and provided insight into how young people at USF use technology and the internet.  For example, they had no idea that there existed any other video sharing website beyond YouTube, and if there were others, why bother? This is good to know if we are trying to reach the students!

The students were able to apply their work directly toward their academic careers.  The design student was able to learn a new software program and build a ‘portfolio’ and the Data Coordinator learned how to use Google Docs (which are now available for all USF students to use) and hone office productivity skills.

Interns are another fantastic source of talent.  Often, internships are unpaid (students receive academic credits) and provide valuable work experience while costing the department nothing.  Additionally, leveraging skill sets from other colleges outside of your own really builds depth in your product.  Examples include graphic design, video production, web design and programming, etc.


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