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Network of Social Web Tools Makes it Easier to Distribute Content

A handful of social web technologies is changing the way our web presence appears to our patrons.  Utilizing the TypePad blogging platform (which has built-in web 2.0 features), YouTube, Google Gadgets and our existing content management system-driven web site, the USF Libraries has many ways to share and communicate with our patrons.

TypePad has built-in RSS feeds.  We created a simple google gadget that reads and displays the RSS feeds as headlines in the gadget.   These Google Gadgets can easily be embedded into any web page, including the USF Libraries website, any iGoogle home page, and even added to related blogs and web sites.

Below is a ‘screen shot’ of a Google Gadget that uses the RSS feeds from four featured USF Libraries TypePad blogs embedded in the USF Libraries website.  By the way, this gadget can also be added to anyone’s iGoogle home page, if desired.

TypePad RSS feed -> Google Gadget -> Web site, other blogs, related web sites


Another great example of synergistic web tools is TubeMogul.  TubeMogul is a tool that allows video content providers to upload their content to multiple sharing sites simultaneously.  The free tool allows content providers to tag, describe and track usage statistics from this online tool.

Although it has some minor annoyances, it provides very nice user statistics — it even generates a dynamic ‘statistics’ module that can be embedded into any blog or website.

View this module in action on the USF Libraries Multimedia Team Blog


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